Why Reggie Should Be Released Immediately!


1. The Rape and Robbery charges were dropped in 1993, by then Assistant Circuit Attorney Nels C. Moss. Who actually used Rape and Robbery as an “Enhancer” to link Reggie to the alleged crime and subsequently prosecute and convict him.  (Rape was only mentioned in the Prosecutors opening and closing statements. It was never discussed during the trial.)   So the very “charges” that were used to convict Reggie were later dropped and he was never charged, convicted or sentenced for rape, but he is still in prison 20 years later! WHY???

See Dismissed Charges document below:

2. He is being held on charges of murder 1 & 2, but the prosecutor can’t prove he murdered anyone and he acknowledges that he didn’t kill anyone. Reggie wants to go to court to prove his innocence on rape charges before a grand jury, but the  state won’t docket his motions for 180- day speedy trial. The rape is suppose to connect him to the murders, per prosecutor Nels moss.

3. There was never any physical evidence brought forth by the prosecutor Nels Moss linking Reggie to the alleged crimes. There was no DNA, no fingerprint, no hair, no fiber samples and no rape kit introduced. However, mysteriously 20 years later a rape kit pops up, per Nels Moss deposition in March 2010.  We will return to the issue of the Rape Kit later.  The state never took DNA from Reggie.

4. He was beaten for seven hours and forced into confessing to rape, but he refused to confess to the murders. Reggie was actually forced to make two tapes, because the first tape he states that he was beaten by police and that his right to an attorney had been revoked. That tape was stopped and a new one was started where he confessed to the rape.

5. The state of Missouri acknowledges that Reginald Clemons:

*Killed No One.
*Knew Nothing of The Impending Crime About to Unfold Around Him.
*Wasn’t On The Bridge At The Time Of the Crime.
*Charges of  Rape, Robbery were Nolle Proseque (dismissed) by prosecutor Nels Moss in 1993.

6. Yet he was still convicted on murder 1 & 2 and the rape was used as an “enhancer” to convict him of the murders. This was the statement the prosecutor stated in the transcripts that Reggie didn’t kill anyone, but was still sentenced to death under statute of “Accomplice Liability.”

A number of U.S. states have laws that allow prosecuting attorneys to hold
anyone present at the scene of a crime legally responsible for the outcome, but
this wasn’t the case with Reginald, Marlon and Antonio who all got the death penalty.

In closing by definition, the “Law of Parties” can subject a person to death even though he/she did not kill, intend to kill, help or encourage anyone to do so.

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